BTS ‘Spring Day’ MV – coming out (my first post ^_^ )

Today, five hours ago, new BTS MV came out,yay!. 3 days ago we got apportunity to check out the teaser and the video has reached over 5 million views. Quite impressive I can say. ‘Spring Day’ already ranks #1  on Melon Realtime Chart. News about this song are spreading faster than nutella on pancakes! All fans are super excited today. But not only fans, random youtubers all over the Internet also watched MV and they posted their reactions. As I have seen, everybody love them. Eventually some haters  will show up though 😦 Lyrics of the song are truly heartwarming. Beginning is sang by Rap Monster and it says: “보고 싶다    이렇게 말하니까 더    보고 싶다    너희 사진을 보고 있어도    보고 싶다 ” (Miss you, saying this makes me  miss you even more ,miss you). It really gives that WOW feeling. It’s perfect for Valentine’s day, which is coming in 2 days. One person’s emotional can really grow after watching this, but to know but meaning check the lyrics too. Plus, a  lot of people who are part of ARMY commented how Jungkook looked adorable, well true. With the song they brought us into their new album ‘You never walk alone’. And it the end I can say that in next 8 days we are expecting to see other MV by BTS, so keep up with Kpop world because it’s never boring here 🙂  bts-spring-daybts-spring-day-mv-teaser